Hi there… thank you for visiting my page! My name is Lola, I’m 25 and reside in leafy North London.

My career background is in the fashion industry. I pursued my interest in textiles and clothes after school by going to Art College and after 2 years of studying, still absolutely in awe of the art and fashion world, I got a place at Bath Spa University to study Fashion & Textiles Design. After university I began interning, and then eventually getting my first permanent roles in the industry.
The one thing I always did know, ever since I was little, is that I would move to London – my ultimate dream, and something that I never gave up on. It just pulled me in – the culture, the buzz, the creativity and the opportunities not to be missed. So whilst at university I made sure I had several internships lined up over the summers, and spent every waking minute in London trying to find my little feet. I have now been in London four and a half years and am very proud to call this wonderful city my home.

I live with my wonderful partner Elliot, we both share a huge passion for food and cooking, searching for hidden gems at charity shops, vintage fairs and markets. We love to explore new places and anytime we can we’ll drive down to the beach to escape the city for some well needed sea air. We’re both ‘old souls’ and you can find us spending Saturday night curled up on the sofa with a record playing and a glass of vino or even hot cocoa (living it up large!). 

My mum is my support system, she’s my rock, my best friend and someone who inspires me everyday. Being an only child we share a special relationship that I really treasure, and am always grateful to her for giving me strength and confidence when I need it most.

Some of my other interests and passions include; cooking, baking, just eating in general, nutrition and well being. I love exploring new places and going on adventures, learning about different cultures, my favourite country to visit so far is Sicily and feel like I was Italian in my past life. I have a massive sweet tooth, exercise of choice is yoga and long walks, fluffy cats are a weakness of mine as well as golden retrievers. I’m a self confessed honey monster, I’m a bit mad on flowers and plants and have an obsession with rose gold and copper (anything – jewellery, interior, name it).

Thank you for taking the time out to give this a little read, and please check out below what this blog is about. Lo x




This blog is my little corner of the Internet to write about my journey to a healthier more nutritious lifestyle, share delicious recipes, lifestyle choices, and my personal journey through tough health complications and how I’ve tackled it with a natural approach to medicine.
It all began with just over a year ago, when my health took a turn for the worst. Starting off with quite startling symptoms, that escalated quickly over a couple of months, making my everyday life extremely difficult.

I was diagnosed with something called ‘Chronic Urticaria’ which are red, painful, itchy and raised hives that cover the whole body everyday and night. This went on for a very long time and despite many many visits to the doctor, endless tests and several trips to A&E I still had no answers and no solutions.

If that wasn’t bad enough after 9 months of this torture, I then developed new symptoms along with the existing ones; which were sharp, gnawing pains in my upper stomach, again for a few months, many hospital visits and endless sleepless nights included, before I was finally diagnosed with a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori for short). Which, if left untreated for a long time, eats away at the stomach lining, can develop into severe Gastritis (which is what I developed) and can result in stomach ulcers or in worst cases, stomach cancer.

Months passed, and my body no longer responded to chemicals and prescribed medication, even resulting to allergic reactions to most of them due to over consumption. So after a lot of research, trial and error over the course of 6 months I finally realised that I had to turn to a more natural approach and take charge of what I was consuming and how I was living. I am now (finally!) living a happy and healthy life, after a year of missing out and spending most of my time in bed, completely removed from everything, feeling extremely isolated and fearful.

Through changing my food habits, my lifestyle choices, no longer having chemicals in my body, avoiding processed foods and taking lots of nourishing supplements, I’ve managed to heal my stomach, get rid of the hive outbreaks and heal my body overall – for me, to say this is a massive achievement is an understatement! If someone told me a year ago even 6 months ago that I would be able to live my life again I wouldn’t have believed them, but here I am.

I want to write about the amazing changes I’ve made, be honest about my food journey to a more plant based diet and how its the best thing I’ve done, share some amazing recipes…mostly my obsession with breakfast and sweet treats and just exude some positivity in the everyday.

I hope you enjoy my first post, which is about my journey over the past year.

Thank you for stopping by. Lo x