Golden Turmeric Latte



I know right, turmeric latte’s have been a bit of a trend recently (or maybe not so recently, I may be a little out of the loop). I never really knew what they were, or what purpose they had, and honestly, even a little afraid of making them…ahh the unknown!

However, whilst having H. Pylori (a stomach infection that causes severe gastritis, read my story here), I went on an all anti-inflammatory diet because my stomach needed to heal and I had to help it do that with taking care of what I was eating and drinking. My symptoms of severe stomach pains and very bad outbreaks of hives naturally came on more during night time and I always feared going to sleep, or lack of it really. I started setting myself a daily night routine to help me switch off and relax better, and just to keep as much anxiety away as possible. One of the things I came across whilst searching for anti-inflammatory natural ingredients was turmeric. Endless amazing healing factors to it, above all being incredibly anti-inflammatory and soothing for the stomach and gut.

I of course, immediately wanted to give this a go and stumbled upon the infamous ‘Turmeric Latte’, one which will help me calm my anxiety and help my stomach heal and protect it from flaring Β up and giving me pain overnight.

Once I started drinking a cup before bed every night, even after a few days I started seeing amazing results and it became a ritual. It also really helped me get even more in to my night time routine, and really helped with feeling stress or panic before bed time, something I really struggled with during my sickness. I would 100% recommend this if you are having stomach related issues, have gastritis, or even if you too tend to feel anxious before bed or struggle to fall asleep. It’s so easy to make and you can alter the sweetness to your taste.

Turmeric has become a total staple in my weekly diet now, and it’s one of the main ingredients I thank I found during my journey to heal my stomach (link to why I started this blog here).


1 cup of almond milk

1 Β tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp of ground cinnamon

1stp of honey/agave syrup (adjust to taste)


  1. Place a small pan over a medium heat, pour the almond milk in
  2. Stir in the turmeric and cinnamon, making sure it’s evenly combined
  3. Take it off the hob just before it started bubbling (don’t let it bubble!) This takes around 5 mins
  4. Pour in to your favourite mug and stir in the honey or agave syrup. Voila!




Lo xx

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